Hinged Frame
by CSGreen

This tutorial is easy so long as you have a basic knowledge of using the PSP layer palette.

BladePro or Super BladePro
My PSP HingedFrame file

When you open the file, it will look like this but without the orange background.

The Layer Palette will look like this:

Let's start:
Open image in PSP, duplicate and close the original.

1  the 'left frame' is active by default, select all, float selection, apply a BladePro preset, deselect.

2  activate 'center frame' layer, select all, float selection, apply Blade Pro preset, deselect.

3  activate 'right frame' layer, select all, float selection, apply Blade Pro preset, deselect.

4  Layers have merging numbers;  hide all layers but the 3's, merge visible, rename layer 'right frame' and hide active layer.

5  UNhide layers with 2's and activate one of them, merge visible, rename layer 'center frame' and UNhide all layers.

6  Now you need to decide how many frames you want - if you want a triple frame, you are ready to close - if you want a quad frame duplicate the 'center frame';  if you want a quintet frame like the top of the page, duplicate the 'center frame' 2 times.  I left room for up to five frames but you will have to increase the canvas size to do more than 5 frames.

7  Using the 'move' tool , move either the duplicate layer or 'center layer' hinges flush against the edge of the 'left layer' (being careful not to move it up or down.

8  Click on the next frame to the right and move it so the hinges are flush against the last frame you moved.  Repeat for any other frames.

9  When frames are aligned properly, merge visible, rename layer 'frame'.

10  SAVE frame or tube it for future use now.

To add the photos:
1  Using the magic wand, click inside one of the empty frames to select the photo area, expand the selection by 2 and add a new raster layer, open the photo you want to add and copy it then 'paste into selection' (SHIFT+CTRL+L), deselect and move layer below the frame layer, activate frame layer.  ***repeat step for each photo.

2  After adding the last photo and activating the 'frame' layer, hold down the SHIFT key and click into each of the frames to select all openings, expand selection by two (2), invert selection and add a drop shadow (I used vertical & horizontal set to 1, opacity set to 39, blur set to 7.4 and color set to black for the sample above).  If you save you frame as a psp file at this point, you can easily replace photos by activating the layer of the photo you want to change.

3  Merge All Visible, resize and sharpen if needed, add drop shadow and save as jpg or gif.


This is the image I got from this tutorial      sized at 50%.
The frame at the top of the page was sized to 75%.
This is a double frame using only the left and right frame (delete the center hinges and center frame layers)    sized at 50%.
Naturally, if you want a single frame, you can use any frame layer you wish to and just delete the other frame layers and hinge layers.
And, just for good measure, here's the quad frame at 50% size.  

Tutorial by CSGreen
July 5, 2004

Close Window when Finished

* I do not generally compress my graphics but for the sake of loading time - the tutorial graphics are compressed!