Easy Pearls Tutorial

PSP and Eye Candy 3.0 (optional)

Step 1
New image;  100x100;  transparent background.

Step 2
Set colors.

Step 3
Set gradient fill; use the foreground/background color setting and the Sunburst pattern.

Step 4
Flood fill image.

Step 5
Geometric effect:  Circle.

Step 6
Select All and Float.

Step 7
Add noise.

Step 8
Add new layer.

Step 9
Set paintbrush attributes.

Step 10
Paint highlight using right mouse button.

Step 11
Apply Guassian blur.

Step 12
Merge visible.

Step 13
Copy/Paste to a larger image and apply Eye Candy 3.0 Prospective Shadow.

Step 14
Set up cell groups or tube individually.


This creates a very soft pearl with unlimited uses.



Tutorial by CSGreen
May 9, 2002

Close window when Finished.

* I do not generally compress my graphics but for the sake of loading time - the tutorial graphics are compressed!