Velour Background Tiles


Step 1
open a new image,  match the settings.

Step 2
Next we add noise.

Step 3
Set to 75% and random.

Step 4
Change colors to greyscale.

Step 5
Save the file as a BMP to your PSP/Textures folder and name it Velour.  Close image.

Step 6
Create a new image,  300x300 and flood fill it with your favorite color.

Step 7
Open Effects/Texture Effects/Texture  (in PSP6 - Image/Effects/Texture);  find the velour texture you just made - you can see the name of the file when you hover the mouse over it.  Match the settings below.  Click OK.

Should have something like this.

Step 8
Now, solely due to the aggravating pixels left untextured by PSP's texturizer, use Selections/Select All.

Step 9
Next use Selections/Modify/Contract

Step 10
Set number of pixels to at least 1 - 2 might be better.  Click OK.

Step 11
Do Image/Crop to selection.

Step 12
Then use Image/Resize.

Step 13
Resize by using the Pixel size and set to 150, click OK.

Step 14
Your resized textured image should look something like this.  Could vary a little from one persons to another.  If you like it, save it.

Step 15
Click on your fill tool and then in the top 'Styles' window, set it to patterns, then open the patterns by clicking on it's window, click on the down arrow current pattern widow to find your Velour tile

Step 16
Match the the selection to the tile you just made.

(in PSP 6 - after clicking on the fill tool, click on the Tools option box and in the first tab, set style to pattern; then click on the second tab, use the drop to find the name of your tile, click on it and then click OK.)

Step 17
Deskcheck your tile by opening another new image;  height=600, width=800 and click in the image to fill it with your tile.  It is okay if you don't see lines making squares in it - that's why its sometimes better to contract by 2 pixels in step 10.  If you see little lines making squares, then you need to get the tile, undo it back to the contract and contract by 1 more pixel.  You don't want to go more than that as the more you contract it the less velvety the tile looks when finished.

When your tile deskchecks okay, you can save it for future use and as an optional step you can use Color/Colorize to change the color anytime you want to.  A good basic tile!  One of my favorites when I want just a little texture with a soft look.

Close window when Finished.

Tutorial by CSGreen

Zipped tutorial in PDF format . . . 960KB

* I do not generally compress my graphics but for the sake of loading time - the tutorial graphics are compressed!